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My mum tried to kill herself last night. No one knows but me, I wish she could succeed.

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I hope you guys are all ok<3. This blog has made it to my top sites because I visit it every day to see if there is any news or updates. If you ever want me to edit it anything, just let me now, I might not be the best but it might help kick start this blog again. Anyway.. Hope everything is ok<3

im really sorry, i honestly don’t see it being started again. i have so much work (am now doing A levels which will get me into uni) my best friend passed away, my depression has gotten worse because of it and i do not see the point in anything anymore.

i would give you the pw and email address to see if you can redo the blog, but the other girl i used to do it with has disappeared and i feel terrible if i gave it away. i feel like she might one day come back and see i suddenly gave it away. she was like my little sister and shes gone..i dont think she’s dead..i hope she isnt..i don’t know..

maybe i will give it to you. i honestly feel terrible that we have so many followers (1000+) and none of them have seen confessions in weeks.


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where do you edit your photos ?

i edit mine at picnik but i have no idea where the other admin does, and there have been some people who help out on the blog and i’m not sure where they edit theres.